Jharkhand Ration Card | Download PDF Application Form, Apply Online and Check Status

Jharkhand Ration Card Apply Online Application PDF Form 2024 | Download & Check Status

Download Jharkhand Ration Card Application PDF Form April, 2024: Apply online for new Jharkhand ration cards (BPL, APL, AAY & Annapurna) under NFSA.

Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form Details

How to check Jharkhand Ration Card details of PDS beneficiaries online?

Application Purpose Availing (BPL/APL) Ration Card in Jharkhand
Organisation Food and Civil Supplies Department, Govt. of Jharkhand
Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form Download Mode Visit the official portal of Food and Civil Supplies (FCS) Dept. of Jharkhand to download Blue/Pink/Red/Orange/Yellow/ Ration Cards.
Application Form PDF Submission Process Jharkhand Ration Card PDF Application Form can be submitted offline at:
  • concerned office (tehsil)
  • nearest CSC center
Types of Application

Two types of Jharkhand Ration Card application forms for:

  1. Rural area population
  2. Urban area population
Estimated number of Ration Cards isued Around 25% ration cards have been issued to families in Jharkhand
Apply Online Ration card Application Form

Jharkhand Ration Card Apply Online Application Form Important Links

District-wise List of Ration Card Application Form in Jharkhand

Types of Ration Cards in Jharkhand

What are the types of Ration Cards in Jharkhand?

Ration Card Name Eligibility Criteria Annual Income
BPL Ration Card in Jharkhand Below the poverty line Less than Rs. 10,000/-
APL Ration Card in Jharkhand Above the poverty line More than Rs. 10,000/-

How to Apply Online Application Form for New BPL/APL Ration Card in Jharkhand

How to apply for new BPL, APL, AAY, Annapurna ration card online in Jharkhand?

Follow the steps given below to get a new ration card in Jharkhand:

  1. Visit the official website of the Jharkhand government.
  2. Click on “e-Services”.
  3. Select “New ration card (APL/BPL)”.
  4. Click on “New Ration Card Request”.
  5. Download Jharkhand Ration Card Online Application Form
  6. Fill and submit the application to the concerned department to apply for new Jharkhandration card.

Eligibility Criteria for Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form

Who can apply online application for Ration Card in Jharkhand?

Resident Status of Applicant Permanent resident of Jharkhand
Applicant Category The applicant should belong to a BPL (Below Poverty Level) family in Jharkhand
Minimum Age Applicant of Jharkhand Ration Card should be atleast 18 years old. Minors are included too.

Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form - Required Documents

What are the documents required for Proof of identity and Address Proof to Apply for Ration Card in Jharkhand?

S.No. Document/Personal Details Location Required
(1) Valid mobile no Jharkhand Yes
(2) Aadhaar card Jharkhand Yes
(3) PAN Card Jharkhand Yes
(4) Income Certificate Jharkhand Yes
(5) Previous Electricity Bills Jharkhand Yes
(6) Gas Connection Details Jharkhand Yes
(7) Caste/ Category Certificate Jharkhand Yes
(8) Bank Passbook Jharkhand Yes
(9) Recent Passport Size Photograph of the head of the family along with all the other family members Jharkhand Yes

How to check the NFSA Eligibility List for the Jharkhand Ration Card?

How to search name in Jharkhand new ration card NFSA eligibility list?

  1. Visit the official portal of Jharkhand, Food and Civil Supplies (FCS).
  2. Click on “Eligibility list of NFSA” link.
  3. Select "Jharkhand (district) NFSA list" link.
  4. Select your Jharkhand (district) in "NFSA list" link.
  5. Now list of ration shoppers will appear for the selected option.
  6. Click on the name of your Jharkhand (City/Town) "ration shopper".
  7. Finally, the list of all the ration card holder in Jharkhand (City/Town) will appear.

What is the Process of linking Ration card with Mobile Number and Aadhaar Online in Jharkhand?

  1. Step 1: Visit official website.
  2. Step 2: Select "Jharkhand"
  3. Step 3: Select "Jharkhand (District)"
  4. Step 4: Select "Jharkhand (Town/City)"
  5. Step 5: Enter your address
  6. Step 6: Finally Select “Ration card” to link with "Aadhaar Card".

To link the mobile number with Jharkhand Ration Card you need to enter the OTP from your registered mobile number.

Jharkhand Ration Card Online Application Form - FAQs

What are some frequently asked questions regarding the Jharkhand Ration Card Online Application Form?

What is the fullform of NFSA?
NFSA stands for "National Food and Security Act".
How to download Jharkhand ration card application forms?
Visit the official portal of the Jharkhand Food and Civil Supplies Department.
How can I check my BPL list in Jharkhand online?
Visit web portal to check Jharkhand ration card list April, 2024.
How can I get RTPS number in Jharkhand?
Via SMS on your registered mobile number.
How can I renew my ration card in Jharkhand?
Fill up and submit the renewal application form of Jharkhand Ration Card in the concerned office.
How can I print my ration card in Jharkhand?
To take a physical printout, click on your name in the recent Jharkhand ration card list.
What is AAY in Jharkhand Ration Card?
AAA stands for "Antyodaya Anna Yojana" (AAY) Ration Cards which is issued to "poorest of poor" households in Jharkhand.
How do I create a Meeseva account on Jharkhand?
You can register online as a new user on Meeseva Online Portal.
Can I write application for separate ration card in Jharkhand?
How can I check my digital ration card status in Jharkhand?
Visit the Official Website of Jharkhand Ration Card to view your ration card update status.
Who is eligible for white ration card in Jharkhand?
White cards are issued to people in Jharkhand with an income of less than Rs. 11000/-
Who is eligible for pink ration card in Jharkhand?
White cards are issued to people in Jharkhand with an income of more than Rs. 11000/-
What is the Colour of APL ration card in Jharkhand?
What is full form APL in Jharkhand Ration Card?
Above Poverty Line.
What is full form BPL in Jharkhand Ration Card?
Below Poverty Line.